Pursuing Armstrong’s Mission Statement requires that we work together – with our team and our Customers – in order to “deliver excellence in quality… and customer satisfaction.”


Our culture is built upon seven foundational DNA elements, one of which directly affects quality—Value. About Value, we believe “Customers define; we deliver it.” That means we purposefully look at everything we do through the eyes of those we serve. Quality is ever-evolving and every-changing, so we, too, must continue to change in order to elevate our customers’ experience.

In view of ISO 9001:2008 compliance and led by a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, we know the proven processes that result in consistently superior outcomes. Facilitating these outcomes begins with hiring background-checked individuals who align with our foundational principles and training all team members in adherence with our quality standards. At the implementation stage and in recurring review meetings, we adapt these process steps to support client-specific preferences. Our proprietary move management system continuously measures process compliance with critical-to-quality steps.

While measurement methods vary, we collect customer-relevant feedback to quantify performance. After thorough consideration of client-specific goals and preferences, data are collected via analytical survey tools, receipt of anecdotal feedback and customer interviews. Results are utilized internally for recognition and coaching, and externally in client review meetings.

Team member training, coaching, compensation, recognition and promotion are aligned in support of key metrics. Certified training courses address both technical and interpersonal skills. Exemplary performance is recognized and celebrated in a variety of ways. When performance falls short, we analyze causative factors and take corrective actions, fostering client retention, customer referrals and continuous improvement.

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  • “The total experience with Armstrong Relocation was fully satisfactory. The crew was great...flexible, careful, and respectful. I recommend them without reservations."

    K.M., JANUARY 2017
  • “I recently used Armstrong Relocation to move and was completely satisfied with their service. I would highly recommend them if you are planning a local or long distance move. They were the best!!!"
    B.S., NOVEMBER 2016
  • "Absolutely PERFECT!!!!!! Had them move all my big, heavy items. 3 man crew in 100 degree weather knocked it out in no time. Very professional crew and outstanding customer service. A++++ service. Would recommend to everyone."

    K.M., OCTOBER 2016